about us

At IHF Clinic we specialise in providing professional functional medical services. Our in house team of experienced, medically trained staff offer a friendly, caring and above all, professional service, providing diagnosis, result interpretation and primary and supplemental treatments to directly support your condition.

Our medical services range from simple injections and wound care, to genetic testing and advanced science based functional medicine, which is focused on treating and managing acute and chronic diseases.

We also offer a personalised intravenous supplementation service. This highly advanced service is run and supported by our doctors and biomed team and delivered by our experienced nurses.

IHF Clinic is located in Central London's Harley Street medical district, however we also have the benefit of being able to offer 'at home' treatment. In addition to treating our direct patients, we also deliver our services to numerous external medical establishments with whom we have had successful working relationships for over ten years.

If you are looking for an advanced, personalised and functional medicine service, delivered by a team of medically qualified doctors, biomedical scientists and experienced nurses, get in touch with us here at IHF Clinic, to discuss the perfect treatment plan to suit your needs.