infusion services

At IHF clinic we run a dedicated infusion service where our experienced infusion nurses carry out treatments for our own patients, walk-in patients (with prescription) and patients referred by other medical establishments and doctors.

Supplemental infusions are beneficial on many levels, and whilst there has been recent association in the media with celebrities using infusions as hangover cures, the primary focus at IHF clinic is on offering advanced science based functional infusion protocols to support the treatment of serious medical conditions.

These infusion protocols are formulated by our biomedical team and designed to bolster and support the body's systems that may be depleted or under stress during ill health. This approach has scientific legitimacy and is now being practiced widely across the US and Europe. All of our protocols have supporting scientific literature and can also be modified by our team to suit your exact condition based on your diagnostic data.

Whilst we have had first hand experience of our bespoke protocols having extremely positive effects on patients suffering from debilitating illnesses, we must stress that our infusions are not to be used as a replacement for prescribed medication. Our infusions are designed to work alongside a patient's prescribed medication to supplement and enhance the overall treatment.

IHF clinic supports the notion and importance of prevention and health optimisation. In addition to the treatment protocols intended for disease and pathological states, we also offer an extensive and comprehensive wellness program. This program is intended to both prevent diseases and conditions as well as support and promote optimal health.

The intravenous supplementation protocols contain many metabolically active ingredients which influence physiological processes to fine tune your health towards the best and healthiest condition possible.

Our infusions are divided into the following two categories:

health support protocols
  • Glutathione infusions
  • Alpha lipoic and Vitamin C infusion
  • Alpha lipoic acid, Vitamin C combined with Myers infusion
  • Antibiotic infusion for Lyme disease and related coinfections
  • High dose Vitamin C infusions
  • Iron infusion
  • Hydration infusion
  • Intralipid infusion for IVF support
disease support protocols