lyme IV FAQ

How much do IV antibiotic infusions cost?

Each IV infusion costs £90. The price includes nursing care, all the necessary medical equipment and saline. The price of each infusion does not vary according to how long it takes to administer. Different medications take different lengths of time to infuse and different people can handle infusions at different rates. To try and keep it as simple and affordable as possible we decided upon one set price irrespective of time taken.

Does the IV infusion include the cost of saline?

Yes, saline is included in the cost of the infusion. You will not need a prescription for saline.

Does the cost of the infusion include the medication?

No, each individual being treated for lyme must bring their own medication.

Do you have a list of pharmacies that can supply medication?

Not all IV antibiotics used to treat Lyme are readily available through high street pharmacies. We have a list of pharmacies near to the clinic that can obtain most of the popular antibiotics used to treat Lyme. Patients should allow several working days for a pharmacy to obtain medication.

Do I need to provide any paperwork / medical information in order to have infusions at the clinic?

In order to carry out IV infusions a patient must send a copy of the relevant prescription to the clinic in advance of treatment. Prescriptions should be emailed to Once they have been checked and approved, treatment can begin.

Does it have to be an NHS / UK prescription?

No. We accept private prescriptions. We also accept most European prescriptions provided that all medications are detailed in English. Most European prescriptions can now be picked up in the UK. Since not all high street pharmacies are aware of this you may find it easier to use one of the pharmacies on our list.

Can you test for Lyme at the clinic or arrange a follow up test?

Yes, we offer a phlebotomy service and can arrange to have the bloods sent to Armin labs in Germany. If you want your bloods sent to another lab you will need to procure the testing kit and pay for the courier.

What times can I have treatment?

The clinic is open 09:00 – 19:00, Mon – Fri. We open some Saturdays depending on demand but this cannot be guaranteed.

Do I need to book an appointment?

Depending on the length of the infusion it is advisable to book a time slot with the clinic. We do offer a walk in service but you may need to wait.